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Otherwise, enjoy!
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This another stunning muscled Bridgit Mendler commissioned from the incredible  He is fun to work with and very accommodating.  I highly recommend him!

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Contest at Titan Tower, Part 3

Raven brought her arms down to her sides, pulled her head up and containing the raging fire within, allowed an initial flex to course across her body.  And with a grin, Raven knew even this controlled flex had enough power to rock the ground around them!  Her gray muscles pulsed with each heartbeat, sending out base drum BOOMs as her muscles throbbed with frightening might, surging slightly bigger as Raven held the massive power in check in order to slowly demonstrate her capabilities that even she had no clear understanding, but now felt was beyond even her wildest dreams.

As both Starfire and Robin stared on with wonder, Raven smirked, placed her small hands on her hips, pushed her small, bare right foot down on the ground and pressed her tiny toes into the grass, causing another deep rumble to emanate from her incredible muscles.  Raven’s calf, having been flexed up previously to nearly 20 inches around, surged, bulged and pushed larger and more detailed as she twisted her foot back and forth.  Robin gulped and Starfire continued to look on with curiosity, thinking that Raven surely couldn’t compete with her.  Yet as Raven continued to flex her legs, the rumbling grew louder and her calf muscle continued to expand, pushing out to the size of a soccer ball, matching the size of Starfire’s massive calf muscles at her largest flex, only Raven’s muscle appeared even harder and more shredded, throbbing with untapped super power.  Raven narrowed her eyes and stared at Starfire.

“So you thought that your muscles and strength were greater than I could ever hope to match, huh?  Well by the time I’m done flexing and lifting, your pathetic muscles and miniscule strength won’t be anywhere near what this girl can do!  You only flexed up your calf muscles this big.  Let me show you a REAL flex you sorry little whore!”

Raven pressed her toes hard into the ground, causing the entire island to shake and her calf to explode forward with massive expansion, pulsing her muscle outward with inch after incredible inch of growth, until Raven’s once slim calf muscle was the size of a basketball!  Nasty veins and rippling striations covered the monstrous muscle and the contrast to her small feet and dainty ankle was incredible, creating the impression that her calf was even larger.  Gritting her teeth, Raven stared at the no longer confident Starfire.

“Now THIS is a real calf muscle!  There’s more than enough muscle here to crush your neck and enough strength to jump over a mountain!  But I’ve only begun to flex my muscles, so you had better get ready to accept that I’m your superior in every way!”

Starfire frowned, not yet willing to concede defeat or that Raven could match her strength.

“We shall see.  One muscle flexed is not enough to show your so called superiority”

Raven smirked, confident that not only was she going to outclass Starfire, but completely destroy her.  So with a haughty sniff, Raven released her mighty calf flex and pushing her leg straight, flexed her upper leg, bolting rippling mass into her thick thighs with another island shaking rumble of power.  Raven’s quads split, expanded and pushed out with more and more muscle, quickly reaching Starfire’s incredible level of 24 inches thick before they blew out even larger, thicker and more shredded!  The island rattled as Raven pushed out her thigh to three feet thick!  The front quad nearly buried her small knee, her inner quad bulged out six inches thick and her outer quad appeared ready to escape her body!  The impossible power tingled with bolts of energy in Raven’s mighty muscles as her upper leg pulsated with super strength, causing Raven to chuckle.

“Ha!  You thought your legs were sooooo big and strong, Starfire?  Your stick legs are NOTHING compared to what I can flex with just a minor tense!  Just image how strong they are!  Just think about how I could crush your head between these thunder thighs of doom!  Think I could handle the weight of the Titan Tower with ease?”

Starfire’s demeanor slowly changed as she was now worried that perhaps Raven really was growing as powerful as she, or worse yet, even more powerful.  Robin, for his part, was now back to staring wide eyed at Raven, slowly imagining just how far she could go, and loving every second of her transformation.

Raven smiled at the reaction of her teammates and releasing her legendary flex, pulled her leg back in and standing upright, placed her arms down to her side and with another sniff, gave her upper body a quick tense and added a foot of muscle across her back, shoulders and chest in an instant, ripping her dark purple one piece spandex outfit down the middle of her expanding lats and down the front of her growing torso!  Her large breasts pushed out several inches, and with a wink toward Robin, her bulging bubble butt ground outward into twin perfect spheres, pulling the material and panties into a thong and exposing every inch of the largest, strongest ass the world had ever seen.  Robin gasped and Starfire fretted as Raven wagged her two-foot thick, perfectly smooth ass for a moment and chuckled at the reaction of the other Titans.

“Now this is a real ass you wretched orange loser!  I’d crush your sorry little ass with my super butt!  Ha!”

Turning back to face them directly and holding her current size, which was not yet up to Starfire’s flexed size, Raven reached out with her small hands and ripped the material of her ruined outfit away, tearing the front and back off her bulging body and only leaving the overstressed sleeves that were barely holding on and her tiny purple panties.  Dropping the material to the ground at her sides and pulling her hands into fists, Raven placed her fists on her hips and brought her head up.

“Now this is the start of a real muscular, super breasted super hero!  I’ve already outclassed your legs and ass Starfire, now I’ll show you some real abs of steel!”

Her midsection was still narrow, barely a foot wide, but as Raven began to roll the muscles across her stomach with expert control, her abs slowly grew more detailed, more deeply separated and more shredded than Starfire’s.  Raven flexed up her mighty abdominals into 8 bricks of indestructible might and then with another hard and strong flex, punched out an impossible 10 pack of muscles from the bottom of her large tits to the top of her small purple panties.  Every inch of Raven’s narrow midsection was a symphony of the hardest, strongest, sexiest set of female abs the world had ever seen!  Veins leached to the surface as Raven continued to roll the mighty muscles like tectonic shifts of the continents, driving more and more insane detail into each gray rippling brick, pulling her saran wrap skin nearly translucent, showcasing every pulsing, throbbing muscles fiber of every abdominal muscle to the microscopic level!  Her oblique muscles pulsed thicker and rippled into piano keys of muscles, lining either side of her otherworldly abdominals and curving out dramatically to her expanding lats at a seemingly impossible angle.  With one final, hard tense of her midsection that reverberated down to the ground with such force that Robin and even Starfire were nearly knocked over, Raven drove so much strength, power and definition into her abdominals that no force on earth, so super hero punch, no blast from any weapon could push one atom into her indestructible, invulnerable abs of ultimate girl power!  Purple discharges of static electricity snapped around her logic defying super abs, showcasing the impossible power of her muscles.  Even Raven gasped at the feeling of mega strength and invulnerability emanating from her 10-pack super duper abs of ultimate power!

“You thought your abs were hard Starfire?  You thought your abs were detailed?  Pffffft!  These are the strongest, hardest abs ever flexed in the entire universe!  Superman would crush his hand and destroy his entire arm if he dared punched these abs!  Darkseid’s eye beams would bounce off my mighty abs without a scratch!  No galaxy glass weapon, no force of nature, no living being could ever hope to penetrate MY mighty abdominals!  These abs are what strength and power are all about you sorry ass wimp!”

With a deep breath, Raven released her incredible abs flex and glanced down at her six-inch thick boobs, now fully expose.  A cool breeze pushed her nipples out an inch long and small veins spider webbed her now pulsing tits.  With a sexy smile toward a swooning Robin and then a narrowed eyed glare toward a now worried Starfire, Raven began to pump her tits up and down, pushed more and more tit muscles forward into her growing mounds of super breasts.

“So you thought your tits were big, huh Starfire?  You thought those tits were strong?  Well let me give you a taste of what some REAL tits of steel look like you Tamaran failure!”

Robin nearly shook with anticipation and Starfire appeared worried as Raven gave her chest a flex and her tits quickly ballooned outward, matching the maxed out two-foot thick chest flex of Starfire with her first breath!  With a rye smile as she pooled her power, Raven inhaled and once again, the island shook as Raven expanded her super tits out to two feet thick, then three feet, then out to four incredible feet in diameter.  Each!  Raven had to turn to glare at the shocked Robin and frightened Starfire as she flexed again and pushed out her nipples to six incredible inches long and an inch thick.  Raven laughed, bouncing the eight-foot wide wall of super tits up and down with BOOM’s of pure power!

“Now THESE are the tits of a REAL super powered mega girl you little piece of crap!  I could pound you into the ground just by flexing my mighty chest over your head.  I could crush your pathetic little tits flat with barely a flex!  I’m the only REAL teen-age super powered girl on this team!”

Robin shook his smiling head with disbelief and Starfire let out a pained gasp of growing fear.  Raven laughed again before releasing her mind blowing flex and allowing her breasts to reduce in size so she could see over the top of her smooth spheres of power.  Turning again to stare at the trembling Titans, Raven slowly pulled her arms up and the sound of distance thunder rattled Robin’s and Starfire’s bones.

“And you!  You sorry ass man stealing harpy.  You thought you could best me with your biceps flexing larger than mine?  It’s time to show you, Robin and everyone in Jump City just what a REAL bicep flex is all about!  Get ready to grow light headed Robin and get ready to feel what fear is all about Starfire!”

Raven then pulled her forearms up and they could only reach 90 degrees as her bicep EXPLODED upward over her shoulders, over the top of her fists, over the top of her head and then up to two feet over the top of her head, shredding the last of the outfit and sending material floating away like confetti!  And she hadn’t even flexed!  Raven’s bicep were over 110 inches around each and four feet tall from the deep striated tricep bellies to the twin pounding peaks!   Each bicep tower was covered with deep striations and pulsing muscle fibers with the peaks pounding like a rock concert.

Starfire let out a terrified wheeze and Robin’s heart skipped a beat, even as Raven talked calmly as though all of the raging power crackling within her body was not even an issue.

“Humph!  All I did was raise my forearms up and already by biceps have expanded to well passed your puny size, Starfire!  Too bad I haven’t even flexed yet!  Too bad my strength is still building!  But get ready, because when I flex hard Starfire, you may just pee your pants!”

With Starfire and Robin slack jawed, Raven grinned and pulled her muscular, 6 inch wide forearms back and balling her slender fingers into small fists, pulled her forearms back.  And FLEXED.

Never in the history of earth had any being flexed with as much power, force or muscularity as the raging inferno that was Raven.  The entire CITY shook as Raven’s bicep ERUPTED upward like twin nuclear missiles roaring out of their silos with the sound of annihilation!


Each bicep tore upward at a foot a second, then faster, blowing up higher, stronger, harder, more detailed and more and more terrifyingly powerful!  Within moments her biceps were 10 feet tall, then 20 feet, then 50 feet, then 100 feet, then 200 feet tall, then over 400 feet tall!  Her biceps peaked up over the top of the Titan tower at 10,000 inches around!  Waves of shear energy pushed away from her impossible biceps, knocking both Robin and Starfire onto their behinds!  Raven held the size for a moment and allowed the glowing, pulsing energy to wane as she gloated.

“My teen-age girl biceps are taller than the Titan tower and well over one HUNDRED times your best flex Starfire!  Just IMAGINE how strong they are!  How HARD they are!  How much they could crush you into paste with the flick of my wrist!  You are nothing but a pathetic BUG compared to ME!  Your paltry strength is insignificant compared to my mega strength!  And if you think that THIS is my best flex, you’re sadly mistaken, for I have just begun to tense these super duper mega muscles!”

A totally turned on and frightened Robin and a tear filled, terror induced Starfire both braced themselves as true to her word, Raven flexed again and the entire city rattled with earth quaking force.  And then she flexed again.  And again!  Each flex was now shaking the city and half the state!  Each flex added the height of the Titan towers to her skyscraper shaming super mega biceps!  Each flex pounded with the power of a nuclear explosion, blasting out a wave of pure power and knocking Robin and Starfire into the ground and rattling their bones!  Garden hose veins roared up the sides and I-beam sized muscles fibers etched the monstrous, mountainous muscles of a young goddess!


And with one final, mind-blowing, earth crust cracking, super mega powered flex, Raven expanded her biceps up to four THOUSAND feet tall!


Each bicep was towered over the city skyline, easily 10 times taller than the tallest building in the city!  Robin and Starfire were plastered to the ground on their backs and they could only look up toward the sky in hopes of seeing the top of Raven’s flexed biceps!  Allowing the radiating power to subside and pulling in the energy, Raven spoke over the slowly lessening din.

“Now THESE are some REAL bicep muscles!  Each bicep is one THOUSAND times the size of your best bicep flex, Starfire.  Not two, not ten, not even one hundred, but well over one THOUSAND times your pathetic, puny, insect sized muscles!  I could crush you a mile into the ground with one of my biceps, or put your puny body on top of my gargantuan bicep and flex you into space!  You are nothing compared to me, Starfire!  NOTHING!”

Starfire was now whimpering on the ground, completely awestruck and worried that if Raven did want to destroy her that there was nothing that could stand in her way.  Robin could only stare up, totally in love with the super powered Raven and wishing he could climb those magnificent, mountainous, rippling, mega muscular girl biceps.

Raven sucked in a breath, pulling her super tits up to her chin and then with a pleasurable exhale, released her bicep flex, pulling her mega super muscles down even faster than her expansion and soaking the grand power back into her denser and denser muscles.  With her biceps back to twice the size of Starfire’s, Raven pulled her arms down and stared over at Robin and Starfire who were struggling to sit up.

“Now that I’ve shown you who has the biggest muscles, time to give you a taste of just how strong I am and put your puny little feats of strength into the dumpster, Starfire.  This entire island in nothing but a play toy to me!  You two are going to need to move over to the city to watch what I have planned.”

Raven created a black hand using her magic and carefully lifted Robin up and moved him off the island to a hill near the pier.  Raven then carefully dropped Robin to the ground.  Starfire floated up, ready to follow, white fear etched across her face.  Raven smirked as she stared up at the terrified Starfire.

“You can go over there and stand next to Robin.  But don’t even think about running away!  I could catch you in an instant and toss you so hard into the ground that your bones would be crushed!  Get ready to see what REAL super strength is all about you weak ass puny bitch!”

Starfire trembled as she floated in the air and simply nodded her head before flying over to the hill to join Robin.  Raven sniffed, nodded her head with approval and ran over to the edge of the island and dove into the water, swimming quickly down to the base of the island on the ocean floor.  Walking on the rocky bottom, Raven looked up at the wall of the mountain under the water that formed Titan island, pulled her mega muscled arm back, formed her small hand into a fist and PUNCHED the ground with such force that the entire city quaked and a huge rupture was formed along the base of the island.  Smiling, Raven reached down with both hands into the crack she created and pulled up, slowly breaking the island away from the ocean floor until she pulled the end of the island up over her head.  Raven then walked forward toward the center of the island, cracking and crunching rocks and earth as if they were sand until the entire island was broken away from the floor and she held the weight of the island above her.  Raven could feel the gigantic mass and her muscles pulsed with incredible strength.  Bending her knees and pooling her strength, Raven jumped upward, taking the island with her!

Robin and Starfire were watching with continued awe as they struggled to stay upright against the earthquakes and saw Titan island lurch to one side until the entire island burst out of the ocean, causing them both to drop their jaws with disbelief as thousands upon thousands of tons of earth and rock shot upward until Titan Island was completely out of the ocean and they could see the super muscled Raven holding the weight above her head with seaming ease!  The island hovered 20 feet above the ocean for a moment as the water rushed and crashed along the bay and swirled into the gaping hole that once was Titan Island.  Raven then flew forward, landing on her small bare feet near the shore with yet another thunderous BOOM.  The other end of the island was only several feet away from the beyond stunned Titan teammates.  Raven yelled across the distance and even her once small voice bellowed with strength and authority.

“Ha!  And you thought you were sooooo strong when you could barely lift Titan Tower over your head, Starfire!  Well check out THIS girl!  I’m holding the entire Titan Island over my head.  And it’s EASY!  I could toss the island across Jump City if I wanted.  I am sooooooo strong you pathetic little floosy!  Heck, I don’t even need two hands to hold this light weight!”

Raven released her left hand and smiled as she was balancing the weight of the island with one mega muscled arm!  The ground around her feet continued to crack and she sunk deeper into the ground.  Robin was swooning again while Starfire shook with growing dread, feeling weaker and smaller by the moment.  How could Raven possibly be this strong?  How could she possibly be able to flex up muscles so monstrous?

And just when her teammates figured there wasn’t anything more Raven could do, she tossed the island up into the air above her head and quickly ran toward Robin and Starfire before the island crashed back to the ground with a seemingly endless barrage of city shaking reverberations.  Starfire yelped with fear for her life and Robin let out a deep sigh of love.  Raven reached her teammates, gave Robin a sexy smile and wink and then turned toward the terrified Starfire and growled.

“And just to show you how strong and powerful I am compared to your feeble, scrawny, worthless muscles and strength, I’ll put the island back into the bay without raising my arms, you worthless bitch!”

Raven turned toward the island as water dripped down on her massively muscular form and flexed her chest, causing her breasts to swell in size and power, but her nipples to expand much faster.  Raven’s tits pushed out to the size of basketballs and her nipples shot out a foot long, two feet, four feet, eight feet!  Her deep purple nipples continued to double in size and within moments pierced the bottom of the island with dual, loud CRUNCHES and continued to bore through rock and earth like twin pile drivers.  Raven’s body now literally glowed with power as her muscles all pumped larger than anything Starfire had previously flexed and displayed hardness to blow away any bodybuilder on earth!  Yet her beauty and youthful features remained, even as they now were in contrast to the overwhelmingly powerful muscles packed onto her 5 foot 4 inch frame!  Raven continued to pound her nipples deeper into the 2000 foot tall mountain that was Titan Island until she let out a deep breath, her nipples now hundreds of feet long.

“And you thought your tiny nipples were impressive?  Ha!  Let me show you what impressive REALLY is you tiny loser!”

Robin and Starfire could only stare on with continued disbelief and Raven placed her hands on her hips and leaned back.  And pulled Titan Island off the ground!  Raven was holding thousands of tons with the power of just her nipples and the ultimate strength of her super muscle tits!  Raven let out a small grunt against the strain, but didn’t appear to be in any jeopardy.  With a deep, menacing chuckle, Raven leaned back further and using the strength of her mighty pectorals and beech ball sized perfectly tits of titanium, rocked the entire island up and down!

“Now THIS is how strong MY tits are Starfire!  This is how long and how powerful I can grow MY nipples!  The entire Titan Island is nothing but an insignificant weight for THIS super girl!”

After pulsing Titan Island up and down for a minute to show her dominance, Raven turned to stare at her frightened teammates.

“You two follow me back so I can put Titan Island back in the bay.  And don’t even think about flying away Starfire, you pitiful, puny worthless piece of garbage!”

Both nodded, Robin with fear, excitement and glee and Starfire with trembling terror.  Raven’s power, muscles and tits were now beyond anything even Robin had imagined.  What more could she possible do?

Raven turned and still holding Titan Island above the ground, moved swiftly toward the bay with BOOMING steps that once again shook across Jump City.  Raven’s tiny feet left large divots in the grass, road, rocks and finally beech sand as she stopped at the shore with the island hanging in the bay.  Releasing her reality altering nipple flex, her tits and nipples pulled back and the island fell into the bay with a huge crash, sending walls of water all around and causing Robin and Starfire to scurry up the shore to avoid getting pulled in.  As the water sucked back into the bay, Raven was still standing there.  She then turned to ensure her teammates were still nearby before diving into the bay.

Raven swam to the ocean floor and once again reached down to lift the entire island with her insane muscles and strength!  Smiling at her continued evolution into a super goddess of strength and muscle, Raven walked along the floor with BOOMING steps again, reached the hole where she tore the island from the base and place Titan Island back in the original location.  Raven then jumped upward and shot out of the water like a cannon, roaring 100 feet into the sky before landing with a booming CRUNCH next to Robin and Starfire, creating a small crater around her small feet and knocking Robin and Starfire onto their behinds.  Smirking, Raven walked toward Robin and helping him up, pulled him close so he could feet the warm, wet, powerfully hard rippling mega muscles and tits of steel.  Now in total control of her power, Raven had reduced her muscles to provide range of motion but still showcase heavyweight male bodybuilding busting size and musculature and enough pulsing power to make Starfire appear sick.  Raven was gentle with Robin and they stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.  Raven then turned toward Starfire, narrowed her eyes and shot an icy glare that caused Starfire to shake uncontrollably and stare back with renewed terror.

“Follow me over to the island.  I have one last feat to perform to show you that I am your superior in every imaginable way you low life worthless insect!”

Raven flew up into the air, carrying the enraptured Robin, who was rubbing her mega bicep muscles with loving strokes.  She landed near Titan Tower, which had several cracked windows and was lurching a bit, but had somehow remained upright and intact.  Starfire landed next to her teammates and Raven put Robin down and turned toward Titan Tower at the narrow side of the building.

“Time to show you, Starfire, what a REAL chest looks like!  Time to flex up my mega muscle tits larger than you could have ever imagined, larger than those tiny, insignificant spider bites you call tits!”

Raven pulled her muscular arms back, thrust her volleyball-sized breasts out and FLEXED.  Once again the power of Raven’s body shook the island as her tits EXPLODED outward, larger, wider and taller, blowing away any semblance of reality!  Raven flexed her smooth, spherical tits out two feet thick, four feet thick, then six feet thick!  The bottom of her super tits slammed into the ground with twin earth shaking THOOMS as Raven leaned back and continued to flex her mighty breasts larger, harder and stronger!  The tops of her tits climbed up as the height reached to 10 feet high, 20 feet high, then 40 feet high as the gigantic gray boobs approached Titan Tower!  Raven laughed.

“And to think you were trying to intimidate me when you flexed up your scrawny little boobies two feet thick!  You called those orange balls on your chest missile proof, superhero destroying tits of pure Tamaran girl power.  Ha!  I’ve already punched MY mega tits out over TWENTY times your infinitesimal size and am only getting started!  MY mighty tits are hard enough to withstand a barrage of firepower from an entire FLEET of Tamaran battle space ships and I could crush EVERY superhero with these tits alone!  Your breasts are nothing compared to THESE earth crushers!  NOTHING!  Now watch what happens when I REALLY give these monsters a flex!”

Starfire was now shaking so hard she could barely stand.  Terror sweat was dripping off her body and her brain was ready to short circuit.  Robin was back to a slack jawed dream state, with small beads of drool hanging at the corner of his mouth.  Raven glanced to see both expressions, smiled with satisfaction, turned toward the tower and continued to pulse her super mega tits larger and larger, harder and stronger, bigger and more powerful!

Raven’s breasts grew to 100 feet tall, 200 feet tall, up to 400 feet tall with island shaking, earth cracking explosive BOOMS of ultimate power!  With seemingly impossible control, Raven pulled the massive muscle boob spheres apart and walking forward, dug huge trenches in the ground with the sound of a hundred earth moving vehicles, and within moment completely engulfed the entire Titan Tower with her mighty Azaran tits of pure goddess power!  Each breast was now 500 feet tall and just as thick, forming two perfect giga muscled spheres!  Yelling out, Raven sighed with the feeling of unlimited power as crackles of lightning snapped around her gigantic balls of super tits.

“And to show you just how strong MY ultra tits REALLY are….”

Not finishing her sentence, Raven pulled her reality-altering breasts together, completely and utterly CRUSHING the ENTIRE Titan Tower between her goddess tits, smashing and compacting the huge building into scrap, dust and liquefied goo in an instant!  The explosive force once again knocked both Robin and Starfire off their feet.  Robin landed on his behind with a thud and Starfire could take no more as she landed on her back and passed out, unable able to withstand the onslaught of uncontained girl power Raven had unleashed!  Laughing above the destruction, Raven reduced her mega tit flex and her breasts receded, releasing the remains of Titan Tower in a rain of dust and debris.  Within moments Raven had pulled her mighty tits back toward four foot thick, with her excited nipples still poking out three inches.

Walking back toward the swooning Robin, Raven reached down to help Robin up and gently grabbing the back of his neck, pulled him forward and they kiss lovingly.  Raven looks down at the unconscious Starfire and then back at the starry eyed Robin.

“Now that Starfire is out of the way, are you ready to explore my amped up body again without any unwanted interruptions?”

Robin gasped and nodded his head vigorously as Raven smiled lovingly back.  With a wink and chuckle, Raven leaned forward and they went back to kissing, ignoring the sirens and wales of emergency vehicles from Jump City.

Contest at Titan Tower, Part 3
As promised, here is Part 3.  Again, the storyline and feats are per the person that commissioned the story, but generally fall within some of my other story parameters.
So no big surprise to anyone that I haven't posted a story in forever.  I really hit a wall at the end of the year and have bunches of half written, redundant stuff on my hard drive.  So much so that I have finally gotten to the point of getting my thoughts together and will put some order to things.  So to put things out there, here are a few of the things you may see:

1. A short story about "dimensional shift" that just hit a dead end.  I'll post it and maybe ask for suggestions.  No promises from there, but if someone provides a good premise, perhaps it can continue.  I may have others and am debating about tossing some in Scraps.  Will know by the week-end.
2. More Bridgit stories.  Really hit a hard spot, but better to get passed my desire at getting the emotional punch I wanted than to never post anything.  So look for that soon.
3. I have posted more stuff on, just to be able to get something out there.  I have a few more close and should get one or two more out there soon, but to clean up stuff nearly done.
4. If is still interested, I have thoughts for the next chapter of our Bridgit co-op.

Other thoughts:
Growth drives seem to very popular and there are apparently lots of people with a lot of money.  I personally am done with them, having contributed to a few.  I was disappointed with the last contribution and quite frankly if I'm spending my money on a drawing I prefer more direct input.  I get the idea of providing a smaller amount and crowd sourcing and all, but I've seen several dominated by a few contributors with lots of money.  While I would never tell anyone how to spend their money, I'm no longer impressed with what I'm seeing.

Patreon sites:  Again, I've joined a few, but will be evaluating those as well.  Nothing against anyone here, but I'm having to look at my personal expenses closer due to several factors.

My travel is now way down, but now I need to start looking at a different job, which may lead to a move to a different city.  So I need to get that settled as well over the next 6 months.

I do have a few more commissions to post and will put out at least two of them by Sunday.

Oh, and thanks for those wishing me a happy birthday.  The day is still young, I took the day off and will be out and about today, so not sure how it will turn out yet!
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